Lesson 3 - Linking Webinars and Meetings

Watch step-by-step videos to learn your way around Webipesa.

      1. To link a Webinar/Meeting first create it on Zoom.
        • Create your webinar/meeting in Zoom to generate a link.
        • Check “registration required”.
        • Set the meeting/webinar ID to “Generate Automatically”
        • Enter other details
        • After submission Zoom will generate a meeting/webinar ID that you should copy . You need this when linking the meeting with Webipesa.
      2. Fetch from Zoom
        • Back to Webipesa, on your “Webinars” page, click on the top right “Link Webinar” button.
        • On the popup enter the meeting/webinar ID copied from Zoom.
        • Choose the type Meeting/Webinar. Make sure you choose the correct type for fetching to be successful 
        • The meeting details will be fetched and displayed on the section below.
      3. Adding Prices and Slots Available
        • Add prices for attendees to join your meeting/webinar.
        • Add slots which should be based on the Capacity of your Zoom licences. All Zoom plans allow up to 100 participants by default in every meeting (up to 500 with Large Meeting add-on).
        • Click “Link Webinar” details at the end of the form.
        • The meeting/webinar will be linked and will appear on the page.
        • Copy the registration link and share to your network so that people can register for the meeting/webinar
        • You can also view event attendees by clicking on the three dots on the meeting/webinar and clicking “View Registrants” on the drop down.

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