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Webipesa is a payment platform service under Kenoobi Group Limited. It allows you to charge a registration fee for your virtual meeting through Mpesa and PayPal. Upon registering for your meeting, attendees will be taken to Mpesa/PayPal to complete payment. Once completing the payment, they will receive the meeting join information that is unique to them.

Kenoobi group is a diversified information and technology company, which through its subsidiary brands, provide innovative solutions and products to clients.

Why choose Webipesa?

Seamlessly integrate Mpesa and PayPal with Zoom. The most secure, enterprise-friendly technology for your Mpesa/PayPal integration.

Save time and money

Reduce administrative time spent checking Mpesa/PayPal confirmation messages to fill attendee details in your meeting, and manually accounting for everything.

Low setup costs

All you need is a Zoom PRO account to get started with Webipesa. No setup fee. No monthly fee. No contract. Just a small fee based on the transaction value is charged on every transaction.

Attendee list management

Look up attendees. Create printable attendee lists or export to a spreadsheet, making check-in a breeze.

Customer Support

We’re here to help you and your attendees with anything, from setting up your account to queries with transactions.

Access to funds

Payments you receive go to your Webipesa Wallet in moments, and you can withdraw funds to your bank account within 24 hours.


Our systems operate with 99.9%+ uptime and are highly scalable and redundant. Webipesa is certified to the highest compliance standards.

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