Information about Webipesa Terms

These terms (“Webipesa Terms”) are an agreement between you, being the sole proprietor or legal entity identified as the owner of an account with Webipesa (“Webipesa”), and Kenoobi Group Limited which has its principal place of business at Senteu Plaza, Galana Road, Nairobi-Kenya. Kenoobi Group Limited is a legally registered IT Company.

Certain services offered as part of the Services may be money transmission within the meaning of laws that apply to those services. To the extent you use our regulated money transmission or similar services, those services are the “Webipesa Services” and are provided to you by Webipesa, not by Kenoobi Group Limited. These Webipesa Terms set out the terms that are applicable to those Webipesa Services.

To use the Webipesa Services, you must accept these Webipesa Terms. You must also have an agreement with Webipesa for technology services that enable instructions to be relayed to Webipesa.

  1. Relationship to Webipesa Services Agreement

You expressly agree to the terms and conditions of these Webipesa Terms and any updates or modifications to either of those documents made from time to time by Webipesa. Capitalized terms used in these Webipesa Terms but not defined have the meanings given in the Webipesa Services Agreement. You represent to Webipesa that all of the information that you provide to Webipesa directly or through your use of the Services is accurate and complete, and that you are authorized to agree to these Webipesa Terms.

These Webipesa Terms apply as between you and Webipesa with respect to the services that Webipesa provides to you in its role as a Financial Services Provider under these Webipesa Terms and the Webipesa Services Agreement. These Webipesa Terms incorporate via reference the terms of the Webipesa Services Agreement, except that in each case “Webipesa” will be deemed to be a reference to Webipesa, and the application of the incorporated terms will be limited to the Webipesa Services. Please note that all other parts of the Services will remain governed by the Webipesa Services Agreement between you and Kenoobi Group Limited.

Please read these Webipesa Terms carefully. To the extent that there is a conflict between the Webipesa Services Agreement, as incorporated into these Webipesa Terms, and these Webipesa Terms, these Webipesa Terms will prevail.

2. The Webipesa Services

By using the API or your Dashboard, you may use the Webipesa Services to send instructions to Webipesa for the following:

  1. Funding of money transmissions. You may pass information, including a bank account and amount, to Webipesa for purposes of funding a money transmission. You authorize Webipesa to use this information to attempt to debit your bank account. If a debit is successful, you will receive a money transmission receipt specifying the amount you have provided to Webipesa for money transmission purposes. From time to time, Webipesa may also make other means of funding a money transmission available to you, and will provide you with a money transmission receipt after each successful funding transaction.
  2. Sending money transmission instructions.You may pass transmission instructions to Webipesa including information to identify your intended recipient, the date on which you would like your transmission to occur, and the amount of the transmission. Webipesa will use this information to attempt to complete the transmission to your intended recipient.
  3. Webipesa’s obligation to transmit funds. Webipesa will attempt to transmit funds as instructed by you, including on the date you specify in your money transmission instructions. Funds that cannot be delivered to your intended recipient will be returned to you. Depending on the information you provide, and your other use of the Webipesa Services and the Services provided to you by Webipesa, you agree to allow Webipesa to pause any transmissions for illegal activity, fraud, risk or compliance purposes, which may include (i) withholding transmission funds to offset chargeback or other fraud losses owed to Webipesa, (ii) interdicting transmission funds for compliance purposes, such as to comply with Kenya sanctions obligations, (iii) pausing your use of the Webipesa Services.
  4. Your use of Webipesa’s Services. You may not use the Services or Webipesa Services for illegal activities. During your use of the Webipesa Services, your funds will be held in a pooled account that is segregated from any accounts used for operating expenses of Webipesa or Webipesa. 
  5. Webipesa Privacy Practices.Webipesa will receive data when you use the Webipesa Services. Webipesa will treat your data and protect your privacy in a manner that is consistent with Webipesa’s Privacy Policy.

3. Webipesa Services not available for personal, family or household use

You may not use the Webipesa Services to send money transmissions for personal, family or household use. By using the Webipesa Services, you expressly warrant and represent to Webipesa that you are a corporate legal entity or a sole proprietor.

4. Intellectual Property Temd

We prohibit the sale of any product or service that directly infringes or facilitates infringement upon the trademark, copyright, or other intellectual property (“IP”) rights of any third party. If you are an IP rights holder, or an authorized representative of an IP rights holder, and have a good faith belief that a product or service is being sold using the Service that infringes your IP rights you may bring this to our attention by mail to support@webipesa.com. We will investigate and take action, as appropriate, which may include removal of infringing product(s) or service(s), and/or termination of a business’ use of the Service. You understand and agree that as part of our investigation we may share the IP Notice with the allegedly infringing business.

5. Connect Pricing and Platform Fees

All fees charged by Webipesa will be reflected in your Webipesa dashboard. Webipesa may deduct fees from your Webipesa Account balance and from the Webipesa Account balances of your Connected Accounts. Fees may be applied on a per transaction basis, or aggregated over a period of time, as described in your Webipesa dashboard.

You are solely responsible for communicating any use, recurring, or application fees charged to Connected Accounts for their use of Platform Services (“Platform Fees”) and you must clearly communicate any Platform Fees to Connected Accounts prior to imposing such fees.

6. Contact and complaints

If You have any questions or complaints about this Terms, please contact us electronically through: https://webipesa.com/support.html


If you don’t find the answer you are looking for, feel free to call us.

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