Lesson 2 - Zoom Integration

Watch step-by-step videos to learn your way around Webipesa.

  1. In order to integrate Zoom with Mpesa/PayPal, you will be required to have a PRO or higher Zoom plan. More details on Zoom plans can be found here: https://zoom.us/pricing
  2. On the Zoom Integration page you will need two details from your Zoom account, that is, API Key and API Secret.
  3. To get the two details go to: https://marketplace.zoom.us/
  4. Login using your Zoom details
  5. After login click on the “Develop” option in the dropdown on the top-right corner and select “Build App”.
  6. A page with various app types will be displayed. Select JWT as the app type and click on Create.(Webipesa uses JSON Web Tokens (JWT) to send attendee details to your Zoom account)
  7. After creating your app, your first step is to fill out descriptive and contact information. Here you enter a short description along with your company name. This is also where you can change the name you’ve just given to your app. Please note that this unique app name will be visible, even if your app is not submitted publicly.
  8. Next add Developer Contact name as “Webipesa” and email as “support@webipesa.com” which may be used by the Zoom Marketplace Team for any inquiries regarding your account.
  9. Next go to the “App Credentials” section and you will find your account API Key and API Secret. 
  10. Go back to Webipesa and copy the API Key and API Secret on their respective text boxes.
  11. Now you're all set to add attendees who pay via Webipesa to your Zoom meetings. You can change any of the above settings on your Webipesa account section if you need to regenerate your API Secrets or tokens.
  12. After correct submission you will be taken to the Webipesa dashboard.

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